Sam Morris

Where should we do this?

Aug 4, 2013

So Should I Use A Button or Not?

I’ll admit that the meaning behind last weekend’s project Should I Use A Button was lost on some. Possibly a reflection of how hastily compiled it was so I’ll reiterate — it’s not about buttons, links or carousels, it’s about context.

It’s the reason that sites like Dribbble can be so frustrating. 99% of work is stripped of any context. Giving feedback is near impossible unless you’re judging it merely on artistic merit. I’m sure we’d like to think that our job is a little more nuanced than an unhealthy obsession with hex values.

So lets start a new trend, appropriateness. Use those long shadows for a website that sells sundials. Otherwise let’s think about the problem rather than resorting to someone else’s solution.

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